Ever since I found the world of floristry there has been a constant discussion about all kinds of twigs and branches and stones and moss and whatnot around the house. Not living in a big house with plenty of storage room requires a certain amount of patience as well as cleverness. And not having a garden brings up another issue: where to get your materials from?

Since we live in a big city with limited access to (legally) collecting natural materials I have tried to get as much I can when the opportunity to do so comes. And since I do not always need the materials right away, I have to store them. So that when I need something, I have the materials ready at home. Makes sense, does it not? Yes, thought so.

Having the day off from work can sometimes be very fruitful. Sometimes it just floats by while sitting (laying) on the couch and reading. Or daydreaming. Or making plans for the future. (Or watching bad tv-shows, but that cannot be admitted in public). Today, after having planned a nice day on the couch, I found myself staring at all my precious lichen-covered twigs and interestingly twisted branches at the balcony and wondering if there was a way to make them just a little bit more presentable. Storing them in a way that would be pleasing to the eye as well. And it turned out there was!

Living in a country with four very different seasons has it challenges. I love every season but find that in the late autumn, when the snow is yet to come and the evenings are getting darker earlier and earlier every day, I have the need for some colour and light. Getting pink cyclamens and almost neon-green cypress helps getting the splash of bright colour, and goes fantastically with the gray twigs as well. White cyclamens and mitsumata-branches nearer the living room window give the balcony an illusion of some light even when its dark outside.

With the twigs and branches sorted out, there seems to be just a few things to be done: lighting a few candles and getting a nice big glass of red. Just perfect.